Monday, 19 August 2013

Hexagons for my sewing machine

Hmmm, hexagons!
Love them!
I have had this little 3/4" hexie project on the go for a while now. I bought a scrap bag at FoQ last year and started turning the lovely little bits of fabric into pretty hexagons straight away. But then, I got distracted. How does this happen to me so often? I didn't think I had such a short attention span!!
Anyway, as part of my 'summer holiday finishing things off' project, I pulled out the zippy bag with this half-project in and set to work. I turned the rest of the fabric into hexagons and then... stopped.
I had no idea what I was making.
Never had.
I was just making pretty.
Which is fine, but not when you need to clear some project space. So I had a good think, and played about with the hexagons I had, to see what they might be.
In the end they turned out to be a table mat to go under my sewing machine. "Odd," I hear you cry!! But no! I usually put a tea-towel under my machine when I sew, so I can move it forwards and backwards on the table easily. And I stick pins in the tea-towel too, easier than a pin-cushion! So I double layered the wadding inside the long mat to make it good for sticking pins in, and there it is! A pretty hexagon mat for my sewing machine!
And another project finished!



  1. Great idea. I love it, and it's really practical too. I usually use newspaper under my sewing machine.
    S xx

  2. So pretty I'm so glad you can see some little hexis peeping out from under your sewing machine- lovely colours x

  3. I love it! I'm thoroughly addicted to hexies myself :-)

  4. What a brilliant idea. I bet it changes the sound of your machine significantly. It looks lovely too. Jo x


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