Monday, 15 June 2015

One single sock

I've been knitting for a long time. I worked out recently that it is about 30 years!! That makes me feel extremely old! But in all those years I have never knitted socks. I've mostly never wanted to knit socks, but in the last few years I have felt the need to try. So I did try. And it went horribly wrong, and as I had 50 million other projects to amuse me, I didn't worry too much about fixing it! But recently Molly has been nagging me to sort it out. She wants socks. 
Now, I know a lot of ladies who CAN knit socks, and the lovely Heidi (who blogs at readysetstitch ) said that she would help me :) One super pattern, one night of knitting in the pub and lots of encouragement later I have this...
 One, single sock. And it's not going to fit Molly!!! But it has given me the confidence to move on to bigger and better socks! I have one started, we'll see how it goes!!!

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  1. well, they say the journey begins with a single step, your sock journey single step has happened! Well done you!

  2. Good luck on the socks. It took me a couple pair before I knew where I was in the sock when looking at the directions. Once that happens, knitting socks becomes much easier. I haven't posted about socks for a long time, but my machine is going in for routing care, so I will shift to knitting for a week or so soon.

  3. Hello Henry's shed ! We were both on the same wavelength , I had entered a single sock as well ! Don't know about you but I would rather start a new pair then knit the second !

  4. Love it, I only knitted my first pair of socks this year, and for a while it was a single sock, but at least it fitted. Glad you got hte confidence to knit more! Thanks for participating in le challenge.


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